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A long 70 km downstream of the confluence where dozens of high valleys and ditches, rii continually cutting the sides of the mountains is the force of nature than with water, with the forests has shaped this land that men, in homage Maximum creator, the Black River, they wanted to call Valnerina. And the men who have always, from the most remote prehistoric times, have stubbornly avare inhabited these lands, but not sterile, have participated in close symbiosis with nature, the construction of this landscape, so that the natural and cultural melt continuously. 115,000 people scattered over 300 square km of territory, preferring life in small comunitàche presidiano every corner of Valnerina, proud, to deliver a sound land where the count values of real life.
The Umbrians
From its origins at the dawn of the century, the story of a land full of passion. Land of strong people like Cicero or describes as defined Propezio "place of refined sensibility." Even today the relationship between nature and culture is the charm of this land, with its woods decanted, its Scrin hills, gullies, the ruins. Indispensable fifths of the city appear as visions corrusche and a fantastic time, real and suggestive messages of civilization, a source of culture. The inhabitants go or stop the open squares, like a balcony on the campaign and they are the ones who give life to this land that has flavor of old, an 'ancient atmosphere, which is the color of light, impalpable, indefinite, but real. The oceanic wind often the thoughts of men between the houses rinserrate, and, at night, the dreams do not die. Together with the umbra "Lauda, who had a key role in shaping the Italian language and the development of various literary forms, has grown a reputation of popular poets, who still live and can create poems and starling at banquets or recall events. A memory I can recite the song of Pia dè Tolomei, brani dell 'Orlando furioso, telling the stories of the sorceress and Sibilla ninfa Agilla, the lullaby and sing, passionate serenades. Umbro's people know the old laws, traditions and habits of simplicity and a profound sense of humanity, is warm and witty, practical and romantic ... The popular poems often refer to feelings of love. "Quanno nasceste voi , nasci lo sole; la luna se fermo de camminare, le stelle se cambiarono colore".


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