Outdoor nei Monti Sibillini nel parco Nazionale

er Pan syndrome, we found a new way to roll, but now the mountains. Horseback riding for UmbriaNever was so much fun roll from the mountains. A child who has not left on a rolling lawn down? We, who suffer from the Pet
Gorg no Zorb a Norcia
Handling all connected 'Hotel organizes outings in the Sibillini National Park of any length with expert carers, is also possible for those who are not true beginners, practice trekking on horseback, which provides outputs of one or two days.
A cavallo a Norcia
Soft Air in Valnerina
The activity can be compared to a role-playing game that simulates, using special equipment, tactical and strategic actions of combat in urban environments and / or forest between opposing factions must conquer goals achieving the highest score possible.
Soft Air a Norcia
Trekking with mules
We invite you to travel! Trekking with mules is a real trip. The mules do not run but walk, carrying the weights of the passengers. It is then relieved and free to enjoy the scenery offered by nature.
Trekking con i muli
Rafting in Umbria
The descent of rafting takes place on a safe and not dangerous, 7 kilometers long, suitable for everyone, including children, in the splendid scenery of Horn, known as "Green River" to the luxurious vegetation where flows.
Rafting a Norcia
Building an igloo in Umbria since 2001 in the National Park of Monti Sibillini. During the long winter months, you can join us in building an igloo with programs of one or more days, reliving the atmosphere of the Inuit.
Igloo nei Sibillini
Survival in Umbria
Daily life increasingly alienates us from nature that draw from our origins. The activities that we propose are a great way to rebuild that relationship with it so important for our psycho-physical balance.
Survival in Umbria
Paragliding and hang gliding in Castelluccio di Norcia
The paraglider is the lightest ever allow that man to fly, the simplest ever devised. Since its birth immediately aroused the interest and imagination of those who have always cultivated the dream of flying.
Parapendio a Castelluccio

Outdoor in Park Sibillini

Outdoor Sibillini Park
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