Hotel in National Park Sibillini

National Park of Sibillini Mountains
"... Know that I will not go away by Sybil for any purpose dishonest and evil, or to commit any sin or fault, but I will go for half of it to regain my prosopia ..." "Know that I, so far I have not overlooked anything, and I have traveled the world, visiting Asia, Africa, the Barbary, the Indie visiting Constantinople and saw even the trees in the sun and moon. From all my research have resulted in that I should at this condurmi fairy, being the only one who can ask me on track of what I so ardently seeking. " (Guerin said the poor - Andrea da Barberino 1390) Nature and culture intersect in their in their move in their entirety are the constituent parts of the Parco dei Monti Sibillini, that the very name expresses the magical atmosphere of the prophecies of the Sibyl Cumana always living in these mountains. The park stretches between Umbria and Marche, Umbria and the side covers in full the municipalities of Norcia and Preci.Le quality natural and plant morphology and mountainous, with a variety of landscapes to changing of seasons, are also the result of an attentive presence of the man who has found the right balance between resources available and the needs of vita.E so nature has given to the person amazing landscape of Castelluccio, at 1500 mt. high, a plateau overlooking thousands of hectares, and is in turn dominated by the Monte Vettore with its volume of 2470 mt, and a flat outlook for vertigo and vertical masses, the triumph of the contrasts that philosophers call "sublime" . The man has left his hand signs that their home was an expression of faith to the Creator and manifestations of community and who now works of art are universally recognized: the Abbey of St. Eutizio a few Km from Preci religious stronghold of the sixth century, the authentic expression of the Benedictine movement that has drawn in Valnerina origin, the church of S. Savior of fields and with its two windows and two doorways, demonstrates how a company that is growing does not need to demolish the old to make room for the new: the century. And XIV century. XV coexist in the same building.

National Park of Sibillini Mountains
National Park of Sibillini Mountains
National Park of Sibillini Mountains
National Park of Sibillini Mountains
National Park of Sibillini Mountains

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Norcia e i Sibillini
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